Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick walked the fine, blurred line of a mysterious, dangerous boy and the real danger of someone trying to kill the main character. The book is fast paced, and I loved every infuriating minute of it. Despite knowing the Patch is a fallen angel (the cover clearly lets reader know what the book is going to be about) it takes forever for the main characer to figure this out. However, Hush, Hush fills the in between with plenty of action and suspense, so that quickly becomes a moot point.

The chemistry between Patch and Nora is lush and vivid. I found myself longing for the scenes with them together just to see what would happen. I also found myself infuriated at Patch for being so freaking mysterious. I wanted to go into the book and shake him until he told what he really was. To some people that would seem like something negative, but I love when a author can make me care that much about a character. Being emotionally invested in the characters while I read a book is one of the most important parts of truly enjoying a novel for me. Hush, Hush did even more than that. Honestly, I wanted to slap Patch across the face and for him to spit it out already, yet I wanted to just simply touch him at the same time, just to feel his skin.

As much as I loved the interaction between Patch and Nora, I adored the scenes with Nora and her best friend, Vee. They acted like real teenage best friends, making fun of each other, and other small nuances that echo what real relationships are. It was also refreshing to have the main character have a normal, human best friend with whom to share her concerns and fears about the new, dangerous boy so suddenly in her life.

As much as Hush, Hush is a dark, rich romance it is also a heart pounding mystery when someone repeatedly tries to kill Nora and makes her doubt her sanity. This kept me wondering until the very end. I changed my mind several times throughout the novel about who this masked attacker was, ending up being right once, but then changing my mind back to the wrong one.

I have very few gripes with this awesome book, but one is that it did take so long to finally reveal what Patch was when the cover so clearly showed that he was a fallen angel, or at the very least some sort of angel. Early on in the book, this is hinted at, but it isn’t until the very end that it’s confirmed.

Hush, Hush gets a four and a half out of five.

The sequel, Crescendo, is due out in fall 2010.

People I would recommend this to: anyone wanting romance, supernatural, and the usual Twilight plug that all YA supernatural book gets

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